How it works:

  1. Choose between an open or closed community.
  2. After a brief screening, we provide you with all further information and access to your management tool.
  3. If you choose a closed community, you will additionally receive a list of passwords for your community that you can sell or give to existing customers for free.

Open community
Free to access for all users.

0 per month
Your open community without access restriction
(unlimited number of members)

Closed community
Monetize your knowledge! Accessible with password only.

29 per month
Your closed community
with up to 30 members
(Accessible with password only)
59 per month
Your closed community
with up to 100 members
(Accessible with password only)
129 per month
Your access restricted community with unlimited members
(Accessible with password only)

*All prices plus VAT. You can up- or downgrade your subscription at any time and cancel your subscription at any time with effect from the last day of the current billing period.

Do you have questions or need more information? Contact us and we are more than happy to help you.