The place for your community

Open your own public or closed community channel. Within your channel, you can answer the questions of your community, give them a place to get into conversation with each other, integrate them into your own content formats and share exclusive mini podcasts or audio coachings with them.

All voice only!

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A new way to monetize your podcast or coaching

By keeping your community channel closed as a kind of VIP, mastermind, or coaching group, you can sell access based on a subscription model.

Integrate listeners into your content formats

You can make your community become part of your content formats by integrating their voices via the Upspeak audio content management system incl. speech to text transcription.

Get closer to your community

By answering questions and joining conversations in the most authentic and personal way - by using your voice - you can make your members become even more attached to your brand and build up a strong community.

Bring your community together

Within your community channel, your members can get into conversation and build up relationships with each other by asking and answering questions, discussing recent episodes and sharing own thoughts.

Your management tool incl. speech-to-text transcription

With your management tool, you have full control over your community channel. You can search all audio posts on key words and directly integrate them into your upcoming episodes.

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Start your channel now and build your own voice community.

Embed Upspeak into your website

With our web widget, you can embed your whole community channel or just individual audio posts into your own website.

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