The place for your Voice-Community

Within the Upspeak app you get your own branded channel where your listeners can get into conversation with each other, but also directly with you. Everyone can ask questions, give answers, join discussions or simply listen.

It’s 100% free!

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Transform your listeners into a strong community

The place where you can build authentic relationships with your listeners and where they can connect with each other.

Collect and manage user voices

Collect user generated audio content by asking questions and opening engaging topics. Use our Audio-Content-Management-System to manage the content and integrate it into your own audio formats.

Audio-Content-Management-System incl. speech-to-text transcription

Manage and filter user generated audio content. With our full text search you can scan the audio transcripts for keywords. The moderator function helps you to keep your channel clean.

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Get your free channel now and start building your own Voice-Community!

Embed Upspeak into your website

With our web widget you can embed your whole community channel or just individual topics into your own website.

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