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Within your community, all your publicly accessible audio content can be consumed in one place. Additionally, you can record exclusive podcasts, audio courses and voice messages, reply to questions and comments from your community by voice and give them a place to get into conversation with each other.

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Your Advantages

Monetize your knowledge

Make money by offering exclusive content for premium users and giving private audio answers to questions. You choose the price!

Your own Amazon Alexa Skill

Be one of the first to get your own Flash Briefing Skill and share your audio content on Amazon Alexa as well.

Build a strong community

By answering questions and joining conversations, you can make your community become even more attached to you and your brand.

Make your podcasts interactive

Let your community become part of your podcasts by integrating audio questions and comments into future episodes.

Start your own mentoring community now

Your management tool incl. speech-to-text transcription

With your management tool, you have full control over your mentoring community. You can search all audios on key words and directly integrate them into your podcasts.

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Start your own mentoring community now

Embed Upspeak into your website

With our web widget, you can embed your whole mentoring community or individual audio posts into your own website.

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